Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Historical Landmark #13 El Campo Santo Cemetary in Old Town San Diego

2410 San Diego Ave
San Diego, CA92110
California Historical Landmark #68

El Campo Santo Cemetery is San Diego's second oldest cemetery, and dates back to 1849 with the burial of its first resident, Juan Adams. Burials in this Catholic Cemetery continued through 1880, welcoming San Diego dead of all different backgrounds, including, founders of San Diego like the Estudillo family and even notorious criminal Yankee Jim Robinson who was hung at the site of the Whaley House as is said to be one of the popular ghost of the town.

Photo from www.weirdca.com. When I went I could not find it, but it might of been one of the grave sites that no longer had a name other than the rocks indicating that there was a grave,
Between 1849 and 1897, 477 persons were buried in these grounds.

Residents of El Campo Santo have been repeatedly disturbed as the growing city moved the graves to make room for the living. In 1889, the community built a horse-drawn street car line through the cemetery, right over 18 existing graves. This line eventually became a road, San Diego Blvd, and, in 1942, was paved and turned into a modern street. As you walk to this location, the paved down street says that you are currently stepping on old graves.  Most of the graves are not well kept and some are fenced.

This Cemetery does not bring good vibes, as it looks abandoned and a spot for witchcraft and other  practices. As we went in we saw many lighted  candles that were meant for either separation from a lover or other romance with someone. It is not something to be surprise about as this place is not gated and can accessed it any time of the day by jumping over a 3 foot cement fence. 

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