Sunday, December 7, 2014

Filming Location #2 The Fast and The Furious

Located in the vicinity of Angelino Heights are  two filming locations of the first installment of the Fast & the Furious franchise.

Dominic Torretto's House

Actual Location: 722 E. Kensington Rd. Los Angeles

The house was featured in the Fast and The Furious, and in Fast 6

Actual House

I took a picture from an angle because this is a private property. There is no garage, it seems that was added by the production company.

About a block away is Bob's Market. This market was Toretto's Market & Cafe in the film and was the first scene of the film when Brian (Paul Walker) goes in to order  a Tuna Sandwich and encounters the rest of the group.

I was able to walk in to Bob's Market and got myself a water, just to see the inside of the store. It a mom and pop shop and was just used as a backdrop. I did not ask the lady anything about the film, first because she did not look like she wanted to talk and because I figure people go in there on a regular basis to ask those questions,

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