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Sunday, December 7, 2014

Filming Location #2 The Fast and The Furious

Located in the vicinity of Angelino Heights are  two filming locations of the first installment of the Fast & the Furious franchise.

Dominic Torretto's House

Actual Location: 722 E. Kensington Rd. Los Angeles

The house was featured in the Fast and The Furious, and in Fast 6

Actual House

I took a picture from an angle because this is a private property. There is no garage, it seems that was added by the production company.

About a block away is Bob's Market. This market was Toretto's Market & Cafe in the film and was the first scene of the film when Brian (Paul Walker) goes in to order  a Tuna Sandwich and encounters the rest of the group.

I was able to walk in to Bob's Market and got myself a water, just to see the inside of the store. It a mom and pop shop and was just used as a backdrop. I did not ask the lady anything about the film, first because she did not look like she wanted to talk and because I figure people go in there on a regular basis to ask those questions,

Friday, October 17, 2014

El Tepeyac Cafe

 812 N Evergreen Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90033


 I had been wanting to try this place for such a long time because I had heard so many good reviews and its a must spot if you're into Los Angeles history.

Located in Boyle Heights, El Tepeyac Cafe is an East Los Angeles landmark restaurant that has existed since 1952. Owned by the Rojas family it is known for its 5 pound burrito, called Manuel's special.

According to the official website El Tepeyac Cafe 
its been featured nationally on the Travel Channel’s “Man vs. Food” has brought in new customers from all over the country to try and eat the Manuel’s Special Burrito – many have tried but few have succeeded. Currently, the honor of being named #23 of the Travel Channel’s 101 Best Chowdowns in America has brought renewed national attention

El Tepeyac has even been featured in shows such as TNT's Southland

Despite not ordering a burrito which is their specialty, the quesadilla was one of the best I've had. I sat in the outdoor patio to remember my favorite show of all time Southland!

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Filming Location #1 Michael Jackson Thriller in East Los Angeles

 Address: 3700-3728 Union Pacific Ave
                        Los Angeles, CA 900223

As I began thinking about a new feature to the blog, I thought about famous filming locations. I pass through this location every weekend as I drop my mom to work. This red brick building gives a bold impression for its color.

Michael Jackson's Thriller is an American 13-minute music video and was released on December 2, 1983.

This video, change the industry of music videos, as it was the first music video to ever World Premiere for MTV. In 2006, Guinness World Records, listed it as "the most successful music video", selling over nine million copies.

In 2009, the video was inducted into the National Film Registry and was the first music video to ever receive the honor. 

So lets get to the pictures! 

Picture on the right was taken on Aug 23, 2014

Look carefully at the sign located in the left side of the picture! 

Same exact picture is still up Aug 23, 2014