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Saturday, January 24, 2015

Urban Legend #1 The Three Nuns

I've always been a fan of ghost stories and urban legends, perhaps you have seen my other post which involve some sort of intriguing urban legend like the Downey Asylum story.

So as I made my weekend getaway trip to Santa Barbara, I visited a few historical landmarks and made my way to the Chumash Casino. As we were driving back to head home on the 101 my friend began talking about the ghost sighting of the tres hermanas (the three sisters) As you drive down Ortega Ridge Road in Montecito, three nuns stand, arms crossed, dressed in black and try to hitchhike a ride back to the Santa Barbara Mission

Urban Legend says, that these three sisters were supposedly tortured and killed by the Chumash Indians in the 1840's. These Native Americans had rebelled against the Spanish Missionaries and created their villages in Montecito to stay as far away from the mission possible.  These three nuns had left the mission to spread religion  and provide supplies as a peace offering to the Native Americans. The story became an urban legend as  Native Americans from that village began seeing the nuns years after they had been murdered.

A lot of people from the area are familiar with the story and people say you can find these three nuns at Highways 101 and 192.

Picture from check them out for more pictures and other cool and interesting CA stories